HARI Canopy - Climbing Net - Medium


Create a fun activity center for your Parrot with the HARI Canopy, a climbing net designed to provide essential exercise.Watch as he swings and climbs as he would in the wild. Hand made with all natural Abaca rope for a firm grip that helps strengthen the muscles in his feet.

HARI climbing nets are versatile as they can be used as a hammock or hung vertically from ceiling or cage but either way, your pet bird is sure to get a fun workout.

Key Features :

  • Versatile; can be used as a hammock or hung vertically
  • Creates fun habitat; can accessorize with toys and swings
  • 100% natural, hand made with natural Abaca rope for strong tensile strength and firm grip; no oils or tars used
  • Encourages essential exercise that helps maintain both physical and mental abilities
  • Gripping helps strengthen feet muscles 
  • Includes four 4 Nickel Plated Lead & Zinc-free O-Rings for easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 62x92 cm (2'x3'),12.7 cm (5") square holes
  • Recommended for medium & large birds

Also available :

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  • 81478 HARI Canopy, Climbing Net-Large